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Jared Wells
Jared Wells, founder of Wells Academic Solutions is a native San Diegan, born at Scripps Hospital. He is married to his beautiful Stephanie, an award-winning designer of clothing, jewelry, and handbags. (Check out her beautiful jewelry at Jared has been an educator since 1994, and loves working one-on-one with students of all ages. His interest in education was developed at a young age. Jared was heavily influenced by the teachings of Dr. Thomas Gordon, author of Parent Effectiveness Training and Teacher Effectiveness Training, as his mother was an associate of Dr. Gordon's in the seventies. Better communication through effective listening is the core principle he learned by spending his summers at the Effectiveness Training headquarters in Solana Beach. In his late teens he took a peer counseling class, and went on to teach the class as a co-leader for several years. Over this time he developed a youth peer counseling group called Our Club. Our Club was established to help young people learn how to become effective listeners and how to provide better support for their peers.

While he was attending the University of California at San Diego, he continued to pursue his interest in counseling by working as a Residential Supervisor at Oz San Diego, an in-house counseling center for teens 12-17 years old. He was responsible for group counseling sessions, the supervision of up to nine resident teens, and communicating with the clinical staff in the implementing of treatment plans.

After Oz San Diego he was hired by La Jolla High School to work with students who were struggling in math. At this time he also began taking on private math students. To his surprise, he found that the depth of the relationships through tutoring was similar to the depth of relationships he had developed through counseling. Many students who struggle in school develop negative self-perception of their intelligence. As a tutor, he saw it as his job to understand each student's unique challenges and supply missing information and a new perspective. Jared believes that with the right help, most students can turn around negative self-perceptions and learn to appreciate their true intelligence; improved test scores and grades follow.)

Jared opened Wells Academic Solutions in 1995, which has been running strong ever since. Wells Academics has developed many great programs including San Diego's best SAT Test Preparation, Study Skills, Writing, College Counseling, Tutoring, and Summer Enrichment programs. Wells' twenty-four employees currently administer over ten thousand hours of instruction and counseling annually.

Jared feels very fortunate to work with such an incredible group of professional tutors, program developers, center owners, and partners. He loves his work, and he looks forward to continuing to find ways to improve Wells Academic Solutions' products and services.

Dr. Virginia S. Loh, Ed.D

Dr. Virginia S. Loh is the Executive Director of Assessment and Curriculum for WellsAcademics. Her main responsibility is the leading and directing of the WellsAcademics Elementary Program.  She has a Bachelor in Arts in English Language and Literature and a Masters in Elementary Education (K-8) and Special Education specializing in Learning Disabilities (K-12) from
the University of Virginia.  Upon graduation, she received the "Outstanding Woman Scholar in Education" award. She earned her Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Literacy from SDSU-USD in May 2008; her dissertation, for which she received a Beiter research grant award and for which she has published peer-reviewed articles and conducted presentations, was a qualitative study on the cultural authenticity of Asian-American children's literature.  She is recognized
as an expert in this field.  For the past five years, she has been teaching graduate courses in education at SDSU, USD, and NU. She is also a published children's author; her debut book, The Jade Dragon, was published by Candlewick Press in 2006.  In addition to presenting her academic work, Dr. Loh is also invited to booksignings and other such author events. She writes a biweekly column for AsiaMedia Inc. and is working on several other manuscripts for
publication.  Having served as a K-12 practitioner for a decade, Dr. Loh has worked with diverse student populations and is an expert in various instructional methodologies.  She has a strong knowledge of teaching pedagogies, assessments, and educational research and theories.  She is especially adept at teaching second language learners and children with special needs.  She has her Multiple Subject and CLAD credentials.  Dr. Loh is committed to teacher
excellence, educational policy-making, and student achievement. In addition, she is actively involved in community Boards and organizati ons: Voices of Women, Girls Think Tank, Red Shirts Committee for the Holiday Bowl, Lincoln Center for the Arts, San Diego Chamber of Commerce, Junior League of San Diego, Shakti Rising, Run Women Run, UVA Club of San Diego, etc.   Dr. Loh believes that empowerment and agency are the keys to academic and social success;
she states, "WellsAcademics provides our clients with the tools, supports, and learning opportunities to meet the demanding challenges of a constantly advancing world.  Getting by is not enough; getting ahead is our status quo."

Ainsley Hnatiw, M.Ed.
Director of Outreach
Assistant Director, K-6th

Ainsley Hnatiw is the Director of Outreach for the Wells Academics Elementary program.  In addition, she serves as our Assistant Director k-6th and Teacher Trainer.  Ainsley received her Bachelors of Education from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where she was the recipient of several academic scholarships and awards. She also obtained a specialization in Special Education from the University
of Toronto, Canada, and a Masters of Education with a focus in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning from the University of Toronto. Ainsley has elementary teaching experience with students of diverse learning abilities and backgrounds. She is committed to excellence and has extensive experience using multiple instructional methodologies as well as developing spelling and reading curriculum, with expertise in beginning and emerging literacy. She believes in educating her students' minds,
bodies, and spirits.  She strives to empower
her students with the problem solving skills, self-confidence and compassion needed to excel within society and to succeed to their greatest abilities and potentials.

Vincent Perry
Assistant Director of 7-12

Vincent Perry began his career in education at an early age, gaining tutoring clients through teacher recommendations as early as 7th grade, and working as a tutor through high school and college.  He began his work at Wells Academic Solutions as an instructor in 2003, when Jared immediately saw that his deep understanding of mathematics and his strong communication skills would be a valuable addition to the Wells Academics team.  He graduated from UCSD with a B.A. in Mathematics
and a minor in psychology, with the intention of becoming a public school teacher, but after having worked at Wells Academics for two years, he decided he prefered the one-on-one model of education.

Vincent acts as Assistant Director of 7-12 Education and as a Master Instructor.  In his administrative role, he works on curriculum development (particularly for SAT I, SAT II, and ACT). Vincent has a strong passion for helping students develop critical thinking skills. One of his most important goals in developing curriculum is to help students gain skills that will be useful for them, not only in their classes or on the SAT's, but later on in life as well.   Vince also
hires and trains new instructors, oversees the administrative staff, does ongoing instructor development, and helps students, instructors, and parents deal with issues that arise during their work here.  As a Master Instructor, Vince works with students across a wide range of subjects including all levels of Math, Chemistry, Physics, History, English, and Study Skills.

Mary Turbeville, College Counselor
Mary holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and mathematics from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio and an M.B.A. from Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.

Mary’s interest in the college admissions field originated from her position as a Senior Interviewer on Kenyon College’s Admission staff. After graduating from Kenyon, Mary began working as an Admissions Counselor, and then was promoted to Assistant Director of Admission, at Salve Regina University. While at Salve, Mary read and made decisions on undergraduate admissions applications, planned special events for prospective students, and traveled throughout the country recruiting
students and attending professional development conferences. She also taught a freshman course and was an assistant tennis coach. Mary is currently a member of the National Association of College Admission Counseling and regularly attends workshops related to the college admissions process.

Mary knows firsthand what colleges look for in prospective students and she uses this knowledge to assist students with the college search process, including developing lists of potential colleges, planning college visits, honing interview skills, filling out applications, writing essays and resumes, determining standardized test plans, adhering to NCAA recruitment policies (if applicable), and meeting deadlines.

In addition to being experienced in and passionate about the admissions field, Mary thoroughly enjoys working with students and their families. She strives to cultivate positive working relationships, to serve as a knowledgeable and reliable resource, and ultimately, to help make the college process manageable, enjoyable, and rewarding.

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