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Wells Academic Solutions has been helping students to greatly improve their ISEE scores for over twenty-five years. Our three-phase approach eliminates guesswork, builds student confidence, and maximizes potential.

Our Approach


We start with a comprehensive 40-point assessment which carefully identifies issues related to both content knowledge and test taking chellenges. From this assesment, a highly customized learning plan is created to address your child's specific issues.


Younger students can easily get overwhelmed by the ISEE. We work with students to help reduce stress and fear. Our systematic approach produces tangible results which helps to build the student's confidence. The majority of our students report enjoying their ISEE prep sessions!


The ISEE can provide a wonderful opportunity to upgrade math and English foundations before the student moves on to more challenging work at their next school. At Wells Academic Solutions, our ISEE program helps students to maximize their scores and prepare for future learning.

One-on-one sessions with Wells Academic Solutions Master ISEE Instructors. Students range widely in their Math and English foundation. Every ISEE program is customized to meet the individual needs of each student.

Get started with a diagnostic ISEE exam, test inventory, and private consultation. You will come away understanding the unique challenges the ISEE represents and what it takes to become well-prepared for this important exam.

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