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Use the 80/20 Rule
  • Calendar Aug 11, 2020
  • User Jared Wells
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Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? Do you know where it comes from? A civil engineer and economist, Vilfredo Pareto investigated a number of different industries and found that 20% of the companies in each industry were responsible for 80% of their industry’s production output. This finding was so consistent that it became known as the Pareto Principle—or the 80/20 rule. When it comes to learning, that magical, most impactful 20% is the study of three things: math, English, and executive functioning. Math and English are the languages that make all other learning possible. Executive functioning is all about getting things done (organizing, planning, task management, and prioritizing). These three make up the killer combo that ensures success in all other areas of academics. While your child will likely benefit from the other 80% of their school-at-home efforts, the key is to pay special attention to the impactful 20%. Do that and you won’t have to sweat the other 80% nearly as much.

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