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October "Getting Things Done" Workshop

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As parents, one of our most important job is to help our kids develop into confident, competent adults that can handle the challenges of career and family.

We want our children to know how to create a vision for their life, set goals to achieve that vision, and plan and execute the consistent, day-to-day work that it takes to reach those goals. When unexpected problems (or opportunities) arise, we want our kids to have the mental space and clarity to take them on without fear or worry. We want them to be successful, but also have the time to enjoy friends, family, hobbies, and LIFE.

In order to achieve these things, our kids need to learn the skill of planning.

Unfortunately, planning is not a skill they are taught in school.

I’m sure we all know adults who always seem like they are flying by the seat of their pants. The smallest problems cause a cascade of failures. They are always rushing to finish at the last minute, dropping the ball on important responsibilities because they have so many tasks, obligations, and worries running through their minds at all times. They always seem busy, but they don’t seem to be accomplishing much. Always stressed, never relieved.

What does this look like for a student?

  • does little more than day-to-day homework assigned, and perhaps reviewing for a test the night before the test
  • doesn’t know when the next test is
  • doesn’t know when they are going to start working on a project, or what the first step is
  • doesn’t know what their grades are in their classes
  • frequently has to stay up late because work piled up
  • gets derailed as a result of seemingly minor obstacles

People who seem to be always moving from emergency to emergency are missing a key ingredient to a successful, less stressful life: planning.

They don’t have a clear vision for where they want to be in that aspect of their life in 1-5 years
They haven’t set specific goals that will help them reach that vision
They haven’t broken those goals up into tasks/habits that will help them achieve those goals
They aren’t executing on the tasks/habits day-to-day

The result: since they don’t have a clear direction, they are simply reacting to what other people put on their plate, and not making headway toward the life they want to have and the person they want to be.

Our “Getting Things Done” workshop is going to give students the tools they need to be the captains of their own lives. They’ll learn how to set, and keep, their course.

In this workshop, your child will:

  • learn WHAT planning is (it’s more than just writing due dates for homework assignments!)
  • understand WHY planning is so important: it’s the difference between a captain plotting and following a course versus being adrift at sea.
  • create a motivating vision board of themselves as the adult they hope to be.
  • set SMART goals for the semester, month, and week to move toward their vision.
  • learn how to break up complex goals and projects into manageable, scheduled tasks.
  • start from zero: how to collect information from every area of life and turn it into action.
  • get into a “ready state”: a mental state that allows them to easily take on new information and responsibilities with a minimum of stress.
  • identify their most common obstacles to executing on their intended plans.

And much more

I’ve been supporting students in achieving their academic goals for almost 20 years, and quite often, the challenges that students are facing have less to do with the class they are struggling with, and more to do with their planning skills. When students learn to take a longer view of their courses, they see an astonishing improvement in their success.

Moreover, helping students regain a sense of control in their lives frees their attention up, improving their focus and the quality of their work and studies. It also lowers their stress, which can make a huge change in their (and their family’s!) quality of life.

Seeing the changes that a handle on planning and organization has made in my student’s lives motivated me to create this program. Any student (and frankly many adults) will see significant improvements in their lives if they apply what they learn from this workshop.

Workshop Info:

-When: 4, 1 hour, online group sessions in starting the week of October 27th (Mondays at 3:30 or Wednesdays at 5:30)

-Materials needed: a planner or a composition book (which they’ll learn how to turn into a custom planner)

-Instructor: Vincent Perry, Academic Director, Wells Academic Solutions. 20+ years of experience helping students achieve their academic goals.

-Cost: $120 per student ($100 per student if you register October 18th)

-All sessions will be recorded, and links to the recordings will be made available to all participants., as will the documents we use throughout the workshop.

I'm extremely excited to share my energy for planning, organization, and execution with your kids over the next month. I hope that my passion rubs off on them and they use what they learn to transform their lives!

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To register, click here

What Parents Say

I’ve used Wells Academic Solutions for all four of my children over the last 10years. They’ve always impressed me with their dedication and ability to teach difficult subject matter so successfully. I highly recommend their services.”

— Linda D
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