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Two Simple Ways to Start a New Semester Off on the Right Foot
  • Calendar Apr 06, 2018
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1) Find a study buddy/group for EACH class Does your child have someone in each class that can be called for quick homework help, test dates/topics, or to set up a study session before an upcoming test? One of the best ways to stay on top of your game is the knowledge that someone might be relying on you (trust me, as an educator I feel that way every day!) Schedule some time to meet each week, even if the only thing that gets done is homework for the day. That way classes don’t get overlooked for weeks at a time, which can happen for students who, because they are struggling, have a tough time facing the challenge. 2) Weekly email to parents “How was school today?” “Fine.” There is a better way for you to find out if your child is on top of things. Asking them to write a weekly email to you summarizing each class is a great way for your child to make sure that he or she knows what is going on in every class. Mondays are a good day since teacher will often discuss the plan for the week. The email should cover, for every class -What the current grade is (check powerschool) -What tests or quizzes are coming up that week -What projects or assignments were assigned or will be due that week -What topics are being covered When you read the email, you’ll be able to get a pretty clear picture of how well your son or daughter understands what is going on in class (and can provide support if necessary). But the email is REALLY for the student. It will get your child into the habit of taking a step back to look at the big picture, rather than the chaos and urgency of reacting to day-today-crises. It’s much better to realize on Monday that you don’t know when your test is (and be able to take steps to find out) than the day before the test!) For a student who is having particular organizational issues with a class, a teacher might agree to be CC'd on the weekly email. Want to make sure your child starts second semester off on the right foot? Give us a call to schedule an in-person or phone consultation!

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