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Finals Checklist
  • Calendar Apr 06, 2018
  • User Jared Wells
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With finals coming up for La Jolla High School and Muirlands Middle School, ask your kids these questions to make sure they are on track to be ready for finals. 1) Do they know which classes have extra credit and/or opportunities to turn in overdue homework? Do they have tests that need to be made up? Now is the time to ask about these things, not after teachers have already published grades. Plus, getting these things done this week is a great way to study for finals. 2) Do they know the format of their tests, and what material/chapters will be covered? And, in particular, what content they feel weakest on? Do they have their final review packets printed for each class? Do they know which classes allow notecards/sheets, and are those prepared? 3) Do they know what they are going to do if/when they get stuck on a problem or concept? Are their tutoring sessions already scheduled? Can they meet with teachers before or after school, or during lunch? Do they have a study group they will be meeting with? The night before the final is a tough time to come across a concept that makes no sense! What is the plan for when (not if!) they come across a rough patch in their studying? Have your son or daughter explain the plan for each class...if they can't clearly articulate it, help them create on (or call us to get them in for a session!) Finals are coming up soon for La Jolla High and Muirlands your son or daughter ready? Call or email to schedule some time for class support or organizational/planning support today!

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