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Focus Middle School: Why do most students struggle in mathematics?
  • Calendar Mar 21, 2015
  • User Jared Wells
  • Category In Middle School Education
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Is Math getting more difficult for your child? Even with good grades, it's likely that a solid foundation in mathematics is not being developed. A fork in the road appears as students transition from arithmetic to algebra during the middle school years. The majority of students go down a path that does not lead to fundamental literacy in mathematics. This has a significant impact on their education, attitude, and future earning potential. The good news is that the reason is not difficult to understand. With some basic and easy to understand insight into the common problem, parents can help their child to get back on the right path. Join us in an enlightening conversation with a free parent information event at the La Jolla Riford Library Wed., April 15, 6­-7pm: "Common Core / STEAM and the path to Empowered Math. ­­ Maximizing real potential is easier than you might think." [Register Here]   You will learn about the problems with mathematics education and what you can do to ensure your child's success and preparation for a STEM-­related career. This information is imperative for parents of middle school parents, but also important for all parents or anyone interested in gaining insight into the true nature of intelligence and how it relates to mathematics.

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