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Getting Ready for Finals
  • Calendar Apr 05, 2018
  • User Jared Wells
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I’ve already begun asking my students what their plans for finals are, and generally I’m getting blank stares. They know, in an abstract sense, they will at some point need to study, but haven’t yet figured out what, when, or how. Now is the time to start planning this out so that if (when?) stumbling blocks come up, they have time to adapt. So what should your son or daughter be doing now? -Collecting review assignments/packets from previous chapters. These might just be problems assigned from the textbook, they might be packets on the teacher’s website, or they might be documents your child will need to get from the teacher. Many teachers will provide a finals review packet, but waiting until the week (or days?) before the final to begin studying is a big mistake! -Once all the material has been collecting, your child should SCHEDULE when each part will be completed, starting today! Even if the plan is to do more/most of the studying the weekend before the final, schedule out from today to lighten the burden. That will give your child a buffer should the unexpected happen, and make sure they don’t get overwhelmed by one class. -Schedule tutoring sessions now. Education centers are going to be slammed with calls from parents trying to get their students in for last minute sessions. Be proactive. Schedule a session for this week to help the student plan out their studying/review topics the student knows she is weak on. Tutoring sessions work best when the student has adequate time in between sessions to review the material covered in session. What does your child have planned right now to prepare for finals? How does your child cope? Finals are coming up soon for La Jolla High and Muirlands your son or daughter ready? Call or email to schedule some time for class support or organizational/planning support today!

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