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March SAT Registration, Mini Survey, and a GREAT Accountability App!
  • Calendar Apr 06, 2018
  • User Jared Wells
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First, for student who want to register for the March SAT, the deadline of February 9th is fast approaching! Get signed up ASAP so you don't have to drive to North County for a seat! Go to to sign up! Second, I appreciate all the feedback I've been getting about these emails! I've create a three question survey I would SUPER appreciate if you'd take the time to fill out. Your response will be anonymous. Please go here to fill it out. Lastly, I've been using this site called recently. It's for people who have trouble working independently and staying focused (like me!) You essentially create a 50-minute work session with a partner, spend 30 seconds at the start of a video session saying what you are going to accomplish, and then, with video on but mic off, you get your work done. Let me tell you, having someone working with me like that helps me focus! I'm not recommending this for students, but why not have your kids do video group study sessions with their classmates. Even if they are working on different things, having two or three people all there to support each other in taking care of business can help cut down on distractions. Maybe this is something we should offer...? Want to make sure your child starts second semester off on the right foot? Give us a call to schedule an in-person or phone consultation!  

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