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Online Homework Club Beta Test
  • Calendar Apr 06, 2018
  • User Jared Wells
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Sign up for our March 7th "SAT/ACT Success" workshop at La Jolla High School here. As I mentioned in a previous email, I’ve been having lots of personal success using a service called “Focusmate” (Check out for more information!) A service that we’ve offered at Wells Academics on a limited basis is to provide a place for students to do homework. So, for students that are struggling to get their work done, we’ve offered to have the student grab a room after their session and get all (or a good chunk) of their work done. Having a space devoted entirely to schoolwork makes it easier to stay on task. I (or other instructors) can provide light class support but largely it’s about having a block of time dedicated to nothing other than getting homework done. Of course, the problem is that our space for that is limited, so we can't offer it to every student who could make use of it (who couldn't?) So I’ve been thinking, why not offer something like that on an online basis? So I’m starting the Wells Online Homework Club today! So here is how it will work: In my daily email, I’ll let you know what time I’ll be holding the homework club (it will be based on my availability that afternoon). At that time, any student who wants to participate can click on the link provided to join the video chat (no software download required). When the student arrives, he or she will check in with me for a minute or so to talk about what work they plan to complete that hour. Then you get to work! This is not intended to be time for class support (I’ll be doing focused work myself!) I’ll be available to answer some questions here and there, but this is simply about creating a space for students to get focused work done with a bit of accountability. I’ll put the time I’ll make available in the footer below on each of my daily emails. No need to call in to schedule or reserve a spot. Just drop in! Give me a call if you have any questions. -Vince Today's homework club will be from 3:30-4:20.
To join, go to
For more information about Wells Online Homework Club, click here.

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