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Power Study Tip: Timing the Wave
  • Calendar Apr 10, 2015
  • User Jared Wells
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Anyone who has surfed, boogie-boarded, or bodysurfed knows that you have to get moving before the wave gets to you. If you don't, the wave just passes by as you frantically try to catch up. Rather than enjoying the ride, you become exhausted and frustrated. If studying was surfing, most students would begin to paddle after the wave got to them. “Oh, I don’t have anything to do, the teacher has not  begun the new chapter.” Sound familiar? Getting ahead of the wave is one of the most important study habits a student can develop. The key is to get started before the teacher begins to cover new material. This takes a little bit of planning and discipline to start studying before the teacher requires it. However, students who do so ultimately get much better results with less time and frustration. When you catch a wave, you still have some work to do to keep riding. However, it's much easier than paddling after the wave and much more enjoyable. The key is learning how to use this time to prime the mind for learning. Want to learn more about how to prime the mind? Come to one of our free Empowered Study Skills information nights.  

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