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Time to start waking up early again!
  • Calendar Aug 28, 2018
  • User Jared Wells
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Your kids won't sleep through Alarmy, for IOS and Android

One of the hardest adjustments that teens have to make going into a new school year is waking up early again. Going from sleeping until noon to waking up at 5:30 or 6 is tough!
But beyond that, many students (people) have a bad habit of using the snooze button. We set our alarms for the times we set them for because we know how long it takes to get up and ready and be where we need to be on time.
Using the snooze button causes unnecessary stress, because it leads to getting a late start, which results in feeling rushed in the morning. A morning that goes smoothly is the lubricant to a successful day. A rushed morning means stress, no (or bad) breakfast, and things forgotten at home in haste.
I’m a big believer in making decisions for your future self to take the burden of decision making away from your future self (and the likelihood of making bad decisions in the moment!)
The alarm is your present (wise!) self making the decision for your future (foolish!) self of when to wake up.
The snooze button is your future self negating that decision, which is why I think that the snooze button is an enemy! Its entire purpose is to make it EASY to discard the wise decision your past self made for you!
Enter Alarmy! Alarmy is an alarm app (for IOS and Android) that requires you to complete a challenge before it turns off. It does have a regular alarm (with a snooze if you like). But where it shines is in the challenges. To turn the alarm off you can choose 1 of 5 challenges to complete Shake: shake your phone for a certain amount of time to shut it off (and it is TOUGH on high intensity!) Math problems: Solve three math problems (you choose the difficulty). Make them really hard, and you might have to run for a calculator to solve them! Memorize game: The alarm will show you a grid (3x3 is “easy”...7x7 is “very hard”) and you have to remember which squares are white and which are red. Correctly fill out three of these grids. Picture: Take a picture of something to set this alarm. Then, when the alarm goes off, go take the exact same picture (make sure you take the picture of something that never changes!) UPC code: This is the one that I use. Scan a barcode to set this alarm. Then scan the same barcode to turn it off. I cut the symbol off an old composition book, and I keep it in my gym bag for when my alarm goes off. When the alarm goes off, you can dismiss it for a preset period of time that you chose (seconds, not minutes). If you haven’t completed the challenge in time, the alarm will go off again. I find that 40 seconds is long enough to complete any of the challenges. For students that want to wake up early, but struggle, this app might be just the thing to get them out of bed right away! Check out Alarmy, for IOS and Android -Vince

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