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Study Skills Workshop
  • Calendar Jun 03, 2021
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As parents, it’s heartbreaking to see our kids put so much time and effort into studying, but still not see the kind of success in their classes that they should. Do you see your child reacting to day to day homework assignments, and scrambling to put the pieces together to study a day or two before the test (or worse, surprised that a test is coming up in a do or two)?

We want to teach our kids that they will be successful if they work hard. But, as adults, we know that working hard, while very important, isn’t everything. We also need to work effectively.

Do your kids know how to study effectively?

In my experience as an academic coach for over 18 years, most students don’t.

Sure, they may have picked up some tips and tricks here and there. But that isn’t the same as having an overall learning strategy that can be changed and adapted as the need arises.

Our education system spends a lot of time and effort telling our kids what to learn, and precious little on how to learn, which, in the long run, is the far more important skill.

Wouldn’t it be great if your child could take a chapter/unit view of their courses, starting the weekend before a new unit begins, and confidently map out a strategy of what to do, day by day, to create the success they want to have on the test?

This is why I am so excited to offer our Summer Study Skills workshop. Students who go through this workshop go into the next school year more confident and more able to deal effectively with challenging classes.

In this workshop, your child will learn:

  • how to “activate” passive studying and get more engaged.
  • how to use visualization to make memory a superpower.
  • why studying starts before the unit begins, and how to prepare for lectures.
  • how to (and why) take notes they can use.
  • study cheat code: communicating with teachers outside of classtime:
  • how to use homework to study

And much much more.

The big picture: students are not victims of difficult classes or tough teachers. With a growth mindset (and of course, the right tools) your child can perform at a high level in any of their classes next year (and into college too!) Arm your kids with these tools and sign up for this workshop today!

Course info:

Weekly, 1 hour, weekly workshop. 8 weeks (week of 6/28-week of 8/16)
Day and Time: TBD (will fit schedules of participants)
Where: Online
Cost: $440 ($400 if paid by 6/15)
Students per workshop: Maximum of 6

Call 858.551.2560 or email to reserve your child's spot!


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