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What is your child’s BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) for the summer?
  • Calendar Jun 25, 2018
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Wells Academics Summer Workshops start next week!


Students work so hard during the school year. It’s easy to let the first couple of weeks slip by as students gets some well deserved rest. But if sleeping until noon, going to the beach, and hanging with friends becomes a habit (rather than just a short wind-down period), your student could lose the opportunity to accomplish big things summer! Getting good work done over the summer doesn’t mean there is no time to relax. Even as little as 2-3 hours per day (a pretty short workday!) can mean the different between saying “Where did the summer go?” and starting off the school year with amazing momentum and preparation. Here are FIVE Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals that your son or daughter can accomplish this summer if they plan starting today!  

Become an expert planner!

Of course, to accomplish anything without someone else breathing down your neck, a planning habit is the keystone. Your son or daughter experiencing the productivity of a well-planned day and accomplishing goals important to them can be addictive! Get that planning habit dialed in over the summer, and next school year will be a LOT easier! Creating a new habit is tough, so start now, and check out our “Getting Things Done” summer planning workshop! B.H.A.G. for the summer: At the same time every day, plan out the next day, hour by hour, in your planner. Be specific about what tasks you want to accomplish at what time.  

Read a year's worth of English (class) books!

Your child most likely has a reading list for the summer. Why not try to find out what books will be read throughout the entire school year and read those too? Or sign up for our Reading for AP English summer workshop to have some accountability to build a daily reading habit? B.H.A.G. for the summer: Read books from AP English reading lists for 1 hour per day.  

Master your most difficult upcoming class!

Is there a particular class coming up next year that your student knows is going to be the tough one? Why not get a jump start on it and be one of the top students next semester (and make next semester WAY easier too?) Find the textbook on Amazon (you can get a used copy for cheap, especially if you get an older edition) and spend an hour every day studying. When you get stuck, go online, or get help from an older sibling, a friend who has taken the class, or a tutor. Imagine the difference between being confused in a really difficult class in October and being totally familiar and comfortable? Supplement your studies with academic support sessions with a tutor here, or sign up for our Study Skills summer workshop! B.H.A.G for the summer: Learn the material for first semester for the toughest class you are taking next year!  

Start pursuing your future career!

OK, I promise this is the last time I’ll mention this book for a while! But what a motivating way to spend the summer, learning about your skills, traits, and character, and starting to figure out how those things can lead to an enjoyable career they can find financial success in! B.H.A.G. for the summer: Work through Part 1 of What Color is Your Parachute? for Teens and complete 10 information interviews this summer.  

Knock out the SAT/ACT!

Why do your test prep during the school year, when you’ve already got so much going on? Prepare over the summer, work hard, get it done, and focus your school year on getting amazing grades. No better time to spend on test preparation than the summer. B.H.A.G. for the summer: Come in to Wells Academics for a free diagnostic exam and consultation, and spend 1 hour every day studying for the August SAT or the September ACT.   Do you or your son or daughter have any other B.H.A.G.’s in mind for the summer? Give us a call and let's talk about how we can accomplish it together!

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